Social Science Inquiry

This is a three-course sequence at the University of Chicago. 

The fall quarter introduces students to the empirical social sciences and research design. (Syllabus 2016, Syllabus 2017)

The winter quarter teaches them the basic tools of quantitative inquiry. (Syllabus 2017, Syllabus 2018, Syllabus 2019)

The spring quarter guides students through the development of their own original research projects. (Syllabus 2017, Syllabus 2018)

Comparative Politics

This is the introduction to the subfield of comparative politics at the University of Pittsburgh.  The course introduces the main concepts and theories of comparative politics, and applies those to a series of country case studies. (Syllabus)

Political Science Research Methods

This course is the introduction to political methodology at the University of Pittsburgh.  The course teaches students how to approach the study of politics in a scientific manner, teaches them the basics of research design, and briefly introduces them to quantitative methods. (Syllabus)

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