Vertical Intra-institutional Effects of Ministerial Turnover in the Council of the European Union” (with John A. Scherpereel). 2017. Journal of European Public Policy. Volume 24: Issue 8. Pages 1154-1171.

Personnel Turnover in the Council of Ministers: What it is and Why it Matters” (with John A. Scherpereel). 2015. JCMS: Journal of Common Market Studies. Volume 3: Issue 53. Pages 658-673.

Book project

"National Parliamentary Involvement in EU Policy-Making: Questions, Resolutions, and Transposition"  

My current book project examines how and under what circumstances national parliaments get involved in European Union level policy-making.  For more information, please see this description.

Working papers

“Better Together? The Effect of National Parliamentary Involvement on Transposition Infringement”

“Partisan Turnover in the Council of the European Union” (with John A. Scherpereel)

“Building a Bridge to Europe? MPs’ Views on Their Role in the EU” (part of an edited volume, submitted to the European Consortium for Political Research Press)

“British MPs Use of Questions Before and After the Brexit Referendum”

“How Permanent are the Permanent Representatives: The Effects of Personnel Turnover in the Committee of Permanent Representatives” (with John A. Scherpereel and Rachel Young)

“Losing Women & Losing Power? Gender, Turnover, and EU Legislation” (with Andrea S. Aldrich)